Michael & Tiffany’s Story

Michael and Tiffany know they had waited for years for just the right time to start their family. Tiffany struggled with infertility along with PCOS. After 3 years they were expecting a baby boy. Everything went great. Then almost two years later Tiffany surprised Michael with the news that she was expecting their second child  but they kept it a secret for a while to make sure everything was okay. They were so excited to add another baby to their growing family. In May they found out it was a boy and everything came back normal so they had a small gender reveal and announced it to everyone.

Michael and Tiffany went to a normal check up. Everything seemed fine until the Doctor couldn’t find baby Cash’s heartbeat. However the doctor was hopeful, Liam had been the same way and would hide. He wanted to make sure so he sent them to the Medical Center for an ultrasound to check. Once there the ultrasound doctor showed them their sweet baby boy. He had the cutest little body and hands and feet. Everything looked fine until he kept running it over his heart. He couldn’t find a heartbeat. In an instant, all their dreams were destroyed and they were hit with the reality that their baby had passed away. He tired for at least 30 minutes and there was nothing.  The doctor scheduled Tiffany to come in to induce labor to have sweet baby Cash May 24th. Tiffany went home knowing her sweet baby wasn’t alive anymore and it crushed her. She wanted to question everything even her faith but she prayed. God wouldn’t give her anything she couldn’t handle. God had a reason even though she didn’t know why he did. 

Friday morning they were admitted into the Birth and Delivery unit so Tiffany could be induced into early labor to terminate the pregnancy. She was hooked up to an IV, given an epidural, and administered medication that would induce delivery. By 4:15 they delivered Baby Cash. The nurses helped to clean him up as best they could. They took him and made a few photos and put in a memorial book then brought him back so they could hold him and spend time with him.  He was so small and had the most perfect, little hands and face. They spent time with him and told him how beautiful he was and how much they loved him. 

Hearing the newborn song play as each baby was born broke their heart more.  They wouldn’t be bringing home a sweet baby brother. Only the memory and photos. Saturday afternoon they laid him to rest right next to Tiffany’s grandpa. They had a small graveside service and prayed. That’s the only thing that has gotten them through all this hope that one day they will meet their beautiful boy again and the love of God. 

To view Cash Michael’s obituary, please click on the link:   https://www.youngfuneralhomes.net/obituary/cash-hardesty

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