Sisterhood of Angel Mama’s Magazine | November 2021

Addison Elaine Hagen

Written & Photo by Amanda Miller

I’m Amanda Miller, I found out that I was pregnant on Thanksgiving 2020 and I was so excited. I did an early scan and found out I was having a baby girl. My husband and I decided on her name, Addison Elaine Hagan. In February 2021, I was 17 weeks and started bleeding so I went to the ER and was told I have a blood clot and I was extremely scared but the blood clot disappeared after some time.  On July 5, 2021, I didn’t feel Addison kick at all so I told my mom and we went to the hospital. Addison no longer had a heartbeat that night and I left the hospital because I just wanted to go home. This is my second loss and it was more heartbreaking. On July 6, 2021 at 6:54 am, I gotten a phone call from the L&D nurse to come to the hospital. I arrived at the hospital at 8 am and sat in the room with my OB and we just cried, my OB is truly amazing and very supportive. Addison was born on July 6, 2021 at 3:43 p.m, weighing 4 lbs and 14 oz. She was truly perfect! Addison was a healthy baby girl and my husband and I doesn’t know what caused her death. It’s been 5 weeks and I miss her every day. I know she is up in Heaven with her big sister Oakley watching over us.

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Sisterhood of Angel Mama’s Magazine