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Goodnight Little Man

Written by SK Reid I opened it just a crack.My heart.Because what happens if you inadvertently tear off scar tissue covering pain and grief, the intensity of which you didn’t think you could survive?It rips up scars covering old wounds that have been painstakingly placed at arm’s length. It brings them all crashing down upon […]

Our Journey With Our Baby Girl Laura

Written & Photos by Sharni Stone My name is Sharni and I’m 22 years old. My partner and I have been together for 5.5 years. We had been together for 4 years when we found out we were expecting our first child.  Before we found out we were having a baby we often spoke about […]

Marquila/Cameron’s Story

I found out I was pregnant in August 2017 with my third child(2nd son) Cameron. I was so excited and doctor appointments was going well up until my 26 weeks check up. I went to my appointment with my high risk doctor and sonogram showed my son had enlarged kidneys and low abdominal fluid. I was […]

My Baby Boy PJ

I’m Natasha, this is my beautiful son PJ. On February 22, 2020, I was blessed with my baby boy PJ. July 25,2020 around 8pm, my son started crying and it wasn’t a normal cry. I gathered everyone together and we called the ambulance. While waiting for the paramedics, I felt I needed to hold my […]

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month

In 1988, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed October as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. “When a child loses his parent, they are called an orphan. When a spouse loses her or his partner, they are called a widow or widower. When parents lose their child, there isn’t a word to describe them. This month recognizes […]

Fundraiser Nail Bar Party

Quila’s Angels was created by Marquila Turner in honor of her 2 sons Eric Jr & Cameron Turner, who she lost a birth to Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease (ARPKD). Quila’s Angels Inc, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing grief, healing,and support to women and families who have lost a child. Also, this organization […]

Quila’s Angels

We had the pleasure of donating our Quila’s Angels Care Packages & Angel Care Packages to Texas Health Resources Foundation / Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas & Medical City Las Colinas. Medical City Las Colinas is the hospital Marquila had her first son Eric Jr and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas is the hospital She […]

Amazon Smile

When you shop using Amazon Smile, a portion of your purchase gets donated to Quila’s Angels Inc! Give back by using the banner below. 🧡 Thank you for your support!

Happy Mother’s Day

May today be filled with love, support and your babies be remembered. ⠀⠀Be gentle with yourself and do what’s best for you.⠀⠀Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!!💖 Today is your day too. Sending hugs to you.

Bereaved Mother’s Day

We are Beautiful & Powerful Mothers. We remember our babies today and always. ⠀ A mother may have lost a child due to various reasons including miscarriage, stillbirth, or death. There may also be mothers who struggle to become pregnant. These grieving mothers may feel pain, unworthiness, loneliness, and isolation. To cope with that, we […]

Rest mama.

Remember to rest and give yourself credit for the days you’ve made it when you thought you couldn’t. You’re doing great!!

Resurrection Sunday / Happy Easter

Happy Easter to our babies in Heaven! Always Loved.♥️ Forever Missed. Never forgotten. 👼👼🏻👼🏼👼🏾👼🏿 “The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.”‭‭Matthew‬ […]

Tell your story

Tell your story!!Your story needs to be heard.You and your baby matter.Your story can help someone else.Your story will Heal.Raise awareness & let the world know you have a precious angel baby in Heaven.

Self – Care For Angel Moms

Self care is the furthest thing from your mind after loss and with the COVID-19 pandemic it’s becoming more overwhelming. It is very important to take time out for yourself. Here’s some self care ideas at home for angel moms. Take care of yourself and be safe.

Time Doesn’t Heal

Time doesn’t heal. We learn to live with the pain. I learned in order to heal I had to want to heal. True healing comes from within! It’s up to you to want to heal, not time, not social media, not books and not family and friends but with you mama! Heal at your own […]


We are also in need of crochet baby hats, baby blankets, baby booties, pregnancy and infant loss necklaces and bracelets, bears, boxes and books to put in our Quila’s Angels care packages. You can send them to P.O. Box 852427 Mesquite, Tx. 75185.If you have any questions please email us at you for your […]

Charitable Donations

We are so excited to announce that Quila’s Angels, Inc. have transitioned from a blog to a nonprofit. We will still be blogging so don’t worry! We will be making care packages to donate to hospitals for bereaved families and are in need of your help! $10 is all we are asking for and if […]

Turning My Pain into Purpose

Eric Jr was just an hour old when he passed away. During my pregnancy his sonograms showed he had enlarged heart and kidneys, no abdominal fluid and undeveloped lungs. I was told by my doctor that he wasn’t going to live. I started panicking, I went to two other hospitals and they said the same […]

Happy Heavenly Birthday Cameron👼🏽💙🎈

Happy Heavenly Birthday to my second son Cameron Turner👼🏽💙🎈. He would of been 2 year old. There’s not a single moment I don’t think of you. I have flashbacks of you looking at me and crying when you came into this world. I wish I can love you back to life. I really miss you […]

Keep Going Mama!

No matter how bad things are right now…Keep Going! No matter how stuck you feel…Keep Going! No matter how many days you’ve spent crying…Keep Going! No matter how hopeless and depressed you feel…Keep Going! I promise you won’t feel this way forever 🙏🏽♥️

♥️Healing begins with me♥️

It’s very hard to think positive when you lose a baby. I didn’t think positive when my sons Eric Jr and Cameron died. I was depressed and very angry until I looked at myself in the mirror and said to myself “This is not you Quila”. Then I tried keeping myself busy so I didn’t […]

Jaleel’s Story

I was so excited about my son Jaleel when I birthed him but little did I know he didn’t come to stay. He was a cute little boy, ohhh how I remember his father’s face the first day he held him. I’m writing this not because I want sympathy but because I know they’re so […]

2019 North Texas Walk for PKD

My sons passed away from ARPKD. ARPKD is an genetic condition, which means it’s passed on to a child from their parents and is caused by a DNA mutation (abnormality) in a gene called PKHD1, which produces a protein called fibrocystin that gives the kidney structure. After finding out my sons had ARPKD I researched […]

Healing after Loss

This is Real. We expect healing to be happy and we think that we will forget about our precious angel. Nope! Healing is hard work, at times you will be tired and that’s ok, just keep going. Choosing to heal is an act of love, love yourself. Don’t look down on yourself because it’s taking […]

Loving Myself after Loss

After losing my sons I didn’t love myself anymore. I blamed myself and couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. I had so much anger with myself that I took it out on everyone around me. It gotten so out of control I started having suicidal thoughts. Being selfish and not thinking I have a […]

Haylee Lynn’s Story

Hi my name is Hope. My beautiful baby girl Haylee Lynn was born June 24, 2019. She was born 3 weeks early and the complete answer to our prayers , as we have been trying for 11 years.  Back in January (January 14th to be exact) we finally decided to go to the Advanced Fertility […]

Kacey’s Story

My name is Kacey. I have 4 wonderful children from a previous marriage. When my current husband and I decided we wanted to have a baby, I was so excited since my youngest was 8 at the time. I got pregnant in August 2017 all my ultrasounds baby looked good and healthy, blood work showed […]

Natasha’s Story

My name is Natasha. I had my 1st miscarriage in 2014. My husband and I were approaching our 1st wedding anniversary when we found out we were pregnant with twins. We were ecstatic, not even the reality of it being a high risk pregnant could get to us. A few weeks later at our ultrasound […]

2019 North Texas Walk for PKD

#fbf 2018 North Texas Walk for PKD My heart is 💔💔 I got involved with PKD Foundation because I want to help End ARPKD this disease has broken me down and I can’t let it do it to anybody else. I believe raising awareness and raising funds to find better treatments and cure is possible, […]

Megan’s Story

On May 29 at 9:40pm we welcomed our sweet angel into the world. “Baby Brother” was born at 3in long and weighed 8 grams. Such a teeny tiny precious soul that has left BIG footprints on our hearts.  At our routine 14 week check up, me and the boys went to see how baby boy […]

“Too Beautiful for Earth” painting class

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. October 12th we will remember and honor our angel babies with a memorial painting and would love for you to come. This is a Free event!! Light refreshments will be served. Can’t wait to see you. 🤗💕💙 For more information please email us at

Damani’s Story

Hi. My name is Crystal-Gayle! I cannot forget the day I told my husband we were expecting a baby in April. We had just started to try and even though it happened quite quickly we were elated to become parents! The first time I saw him during our first scan was probably one of the […]

Forever in my Heart

I miss my babies soooo much😭💔 Eric Jr 12/30/09 Cameron Turner 02/22/18

Bereaved Parents Awareness Month

Honoring our Angels! Let’s raise awareness!! Family and friends of bereaved parents please reach out, a call, text, visits, prayer and/or speaking our babies name will make us feel better.💛💛💛

Lucy Irving’s Story

Hi! My name is Lucy. I lived a very hard life as a child and eventually found myself amazed by a charming, handsome, older man who took my heart at seventeen years old. I was just a baby, and I wanted love like I had never felt before, and even though he wasn’t always nice […]

Speak your Truth!

Speaking your truth will heal you. Someone out there needs to hear your story. You can change the world with your story. I tell my story because it matter, my Sons matter. I will continue to speak their names. I honestly don’t care what people thinks. My sons lives on and they are sooo loved. […]

Marian/Rylin Skye’s Story

Hi! My name is Marian. My story begins with infertility. I’ve struggled with it for years. I finally fell pregnant in 2015 via IUI. Unfortunately, I lost that baby due to a car accident at 11 weeks. My husband and I were finally ready to try again in Jan 2018. We did our 2nd round […]

Madalyn & Charlie’s Story

I’ll never forget the words that changed our lives forever, in the worst way. “This is your baby, but I don’t see a heartbeat today. I’m so sorry.” The floor disappeared beneath us. This is the most horrible dream, but it wasn’t. We were 11 weeks into our third pregnancy, so anxious to see our […]

I’m a Survivor

I was raped when I was 14 years old, never told my parents because I thought that they would never believe me. I soon realized that I am pregnant, but was too scared to tell anyone. My parents finally realized it and forced me to go for an abortion. The doctor said that it was […]

Roman’s Story

I am Nancy Titus, Roman’s mommy. My husband Steven and I decided we wanted to give our oldest son, Axel, a sibling. We both agreed to start trying once Axel turned 2. We tried for 9 months, then finally, God blessed us with a pregnancy in October of 2018. The moment I saw the positive […]


Don’t rush your healing!! Your healing is about you so don’t worry about how long it takes or how ugly it may seems. Pray! Stay Positive and be kind to yourself.

Gregory Johnson’s Jr Story

Hi! My name Erica Johnson. I loss my son Gregory Johnson Jr. Oct 13, 2011. I was at work and started having pain. I didn’t know what was going on so I texted my cousin and told her that I was having pain. She asked me what kind of pain and I told her I […]

Ivyanna Fields Story

My world came crashing down around me after hearing the words “there is no heartbeat”. I was immediately paralyzed and overwhelmed with silence. My First child, Ivyanna Salene Fields, was stillborn on November 13, 2003. I was 36 weeks pregnant and had no complications. My pregnancy was completely normal. I went to all my prenatal […]

Steven’s Story

February 10, 2019 after cleaning my house I felt a trickle. I had changed my clothes and thought it was nothing. Five minutes later the trickle became a steady flow and that’s when I thought my water broke. My fiancé Mitchell and I both rushed to the hospital and 20 minutes later I got examined […]

Kailor’s Story

My husband and I have been married for two years, for a year we tried for OUR baby with no luck and on year one of not trying God blessed us with a positive pregnancy test, I was 5 weeks along and we were thrilled. I have three children and he has one, twenty year […]

2019 Austin Walk for PKD

04/27/19 My daughter Aaliyah, The North Texas Chapter Education Coordinator Betsy Cook and I(Marquila Turner) walking for my beautiful sons Eric Jr & Cameron, passed away from ARPKD. My babies are truly missed and loved👼🏽👼🏽💙💙

Walk for Cameron & Eric Jr

We are 2 days away from the 2019 Austin Walk for PKD and I’m $47 from my goal. I’m asking 47 people to donate $1. Let’s help end PKD and make sure no other family goes through what I’m going through. Also, if you want to come out and support there’s still time to register […]

Healing takes Time!!

Take your time mamas! You can’t heal overnight. Be patient with yourself. Take as long as you need, just don’t give up. I’m not going to let you give up, so take it one day at a time. Remember you’re strong, you’re enough, you’re beautiful and you’re amazing.

Host/Speaker at 1st Annual Angel Moms Brunch

Hello! We are a month away from our 1st Annual Angel Moms Brunch. This is our founder Marquila Turner. She will be the host and speaker at the event. We’re very excited to meet all you beautiful angel moms. This is a FREE event! There will be food, drinks, gifts for All angel moms, fun […]

Olivia Violet Galwey’s Story

My name is Chantel Galwey and this is my daughter Olivia Violet Galwey. My water broke at 24 weeks 2 days and I was flown to a larger hospital with a NICU to prepare. We stayed on hospital bed rest until 27 weeks 6 days when I got an infection in my uterus and it […]

Let’s End PKD!!

I lost both my beautiful sons to ARPKD(Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Disease) is a rare genetic disease affecting about 1 in every 20,000 babies born. It’s very important we find a cure so other families won’t go through what I’m going through. We are 3 weeks away from the 2019 Austin Walk for PKD. You still […]

The Story of Tiny One and Rainbow Peanut

Tiny One’s Story Hi! My name is Joanna Ahti. On February 22, 2018, I woke up feeling like I had a really bad menstrual cycle beginning.  I was actually relieved to have it starting again, because since I had my Son 16 months ago, my periods were all over the place and extremely painful.  I […]

Help Find A Cure For PKD

We are officially a month away from the 2019 Austin Walk for PKD. It’s so important we find a cure for PKD so that no other family go through what I’m going through. Your donation from $1-$100 is a step forward in finding a cure for PKD. So if you want to join my team […]

Luna’s Story

Hi! My name is Francesca. My daughter Luna Celeste was born on January 28, 2019, she was my third live birth. I have a 13 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. While pregnant with Luna I had the worst morning sickness, the worst out of all my pregnancies I would joke and […]

How do you cope with loss?

*Transformation Tuesday* I have been getting asked a lot how did I cope with the loss of my 2nd son Cameron? During my pregnancy I was alone, going to every doctor appointments alone hearing the doctor tell me my son wasn’t going to make it and turning to my left and right and there was […]

Yonela Rasi’s Story

Hi! My name is Yonela Rasi I am a loss mom from South Africa.I gave birth via c-section on the 2nd of June. After being told my son had died at 9 months. His little heart had stopped beating , my baby had died though he was perfectly healthy. After the words “no heartbeat” were […]

1st Annual Angel Moms Brunch

Quila’s Angels is so excited to announce on May 11, 2019 we will be hosting our very first special event The 1st Annual Angel Moms Brunch. This special event is for Angel Moms to come together and eat, share our stories/ experiences, laugh, play fun games and win prizes, and get a mini beat from […]

God Knows

It’s ok to cry! Remember, tears are prayers too. They travel to God, when we can’t speak. “Be not ye therefore like unto them: your Father knoweth what things ye need of, before ye ask him”. Matthew 6:8

When You Stand and Share Your Story

We all get to a point where we’re scared to tell our stories because of what others may think. I want to tell you don’t be; show your wounds to let others know you survived and that they can survive too. Express your feelings, let it out because there’s someone who thought their world was […]

Tom/ Harlow’s Story

Hi my name is Tom and on the 9th of February 2017 at 11:45pm our son Harlow was born. I remember my wife screaming, that’s what woke me up. At the time we both didn’t realize she was in labor. After calling emergency 000 and the ordeal that unfolded, I delivered our son on the […]

Nichole/ Nicolas’s Story

Hi this is my son Nicolas! He’s a stillborn.. I’m still struggling to hold on, I guess this will be forever. On June 12 ,2018 got a pregnancy test I was so used to negative results, that I couldn’t believe I was seeing 2 stripes!! I gave so many thanks to God, I didn’t talk […]

2019 Austin Walk for PKD

Hello! Every year I do a fundraiser to find a cure for PKD. This year I will back in Austin for the 2019 Austin Walk for PKD on April 27th at the Veterans Memorial Park in Cedar Park, Tx. If you want to join me or make an donation please click on this link. Finding […]

Why Does Marquila Walk for PKD?

Hello! I want to tell y’all my story and why it’s important to me. My name is Marquila Turner and 9 years ago December 30, 2009 I gave birth to my 1st son Eric Jr. He lived for an hour. During my pregnancy his sonograms showed he had an enlarged heart, enlarged kidneys, no abdominal […]

Mackenzie Carlson’s Story

Hi. My name is Mackenzie Carlson. I’m 19 years old. I got pregnant April 2018 at the age of 18. I eventually turned 19 in mid May. I had only been with my boyfriend since February. It was not a planned thing but I got a positive test before I missed my period because I […]

Hi Friend- I prayed for you today❤️

Yes you!! You’re my friend and I just wanted to let you know that during this difficult time💔you are Loved❤️,Prayed for🙏🏽and never ever alone👭 I’m here for you whenever you ready!!

Cameron 1st Birthday 🎂💙

Screaming to Gates of Heaven Happy 1st Birthday to my 2nd son Cameron. Words can’t even begin to explain how much I Love and Miss you, but I know you are in good hands. I’ll hold you in my Heart until I hold you in Heaven. Happy Birthday and here’s a big 💋💋 from me […]

Break the Silence!

These two beautiful angel babies you see are my sons Eric Jr & Cameron. They passed away from ARPKD. I’m breaking the silence and letting the world know I have two sons and they matter. I want to encourage other mother’s who have lost babies to do the same. It’s time to rise up mother’s […]

Kaden’s Story

Finding out I was pregnant, was a surprise for sure! I had a 2 yr.old boy at the time as well. Both my pregnancies were rough on me, I was very high risk. But in the end, I had beautiful baby boys, so totally worth it! Kaden Jackson Brumbalow was born on May 21st 2004 […]

Tender Comfort❤️

Tender Comfort❤️ I’m still praying for you and I’m here for you. You can Message me, call me if you want, text, or comment under any of my post. I want to help you through without forgetting your beautiful angel baby(ies). I was lost and in a really dark space until a friend of mine […]

To Our Children In Heaven! Happy Valentine’s Day❤️

There’s not a second, minute, hour or day that’s goes by we don’t think about y’all. God carries y’all in his arms, we carry y’all in our hearts.❤️Happy Valentine’s Day and here’s a big 💋 from earth to heaven.

Nakia Cole’s Story

Louis Edward Coleman Jr “Lucky Lou” 07/07/2007 4:04am – 7:15am. On 07/06/2007 it was a normal day at my grandmother’s house. I started having sharp pains in my abdomen which lasted for about 3 hours on and off. My granny said if you weren’t so fine I would swear you were having contractions. I said […]

What is PKD?

Did you know parents that carry the ARPKD gene have a 25% chance the child will have ARPKD. The risk of a child being a carrier like the parents are 50% .

You Are!!

You might not feel like you are but in my eyes, your angel(s) eyes and family and friends eyes you are. Never Forget That!!♥️💪🏽

Jade Field’s Story

Hi! My name is Jade Field and this is my 1st loss story. After having my daughter in June 2014 after a long infertility struggle, I decided I didn’t want to have anymore children as I had a very complicated pregnancy and a traumatic delivery that has left me with severe medical issues. So I […]

Kayla Olson’s Story

Hi! My name is Kayla Olson. I found out I was pregnant two weeks before Christmas 2017. My fiance and I were so excited and happy to grow our family by one more. We hoped and prayed we would get that little boy to complete our family of what would have been, five. We announced […]

God Sees and Hears Your Pain

God will restore your heart ♥️ and ease your mind. Kneel to him and pray for strength and healing.🙏🏽

PKD Awareness

Bringing awareness to PKD is so important to me and others because it has affected not only our love ones we lost but our lives as well. Hearing the doctor tell me my son had ARPKD(Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease) and he had a 50% chance of survival. My heart fell out my chest💔 and […]