Sisterhood of Angel Mama’s Magazine | May 2021

Depression After Loss of A Child

Written by Sisterhood of Angel Mama’s Team

As a parent, there’s no greater fear than losing a child. A mother and child bond starts in her womb. Hearing there’s no heartbeat or giving birth and your baby died hours later is extremely sad. Causing a bereaved mother and parents into deep depression.

It’s normal to feel deep sadness and grief after loss of a child. Depression, is a mental illness that causes persistent and intense feelings of sorrow for extended periods. Many bereaved mothers and parents lose interest in activities they once enjoyed and have difficulty performing daily tasks.

It’s important for bereaved mothers  and parents to find a activity that will help them remember their baby. A lot of mothers and parents find joy honoring their babies and helping others.

Also, it’s important for them to take  care of themselves by giving themselves time, being extremely gentle with themselves  and others, accepting help from others and taking self care days.

You Are Not Alone!! We will get through this together.

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