Sisterhood of Angel Mama’s Magazine | Bereaved Mother’s Day Edition

Eddie Michael, My Little Peek-A-Boo

Written and Photos by Carol Nusko

I’m a 33 year old mother from Chicago. I have a teenage son Thomas John, who is 17. I got pregnant with my baby boy Edward Michael, in May 2021, yes! my sons were 17 years apart. Both of my boys were suppose to have February birthdays. My cupid babies! 

From the beginning of the pregnancy, I knew it was way different than I had with my first son. I was more tired and had a lot more morning sickness.  I switched doctors and hospitals due to covid restrictions.  This was my fiancé’s first child, I wanted him there for it all. I nicknamed our baby “peek-a-boo” because for every ultrasound he’d move away like he was hiding from us. I continued working and doing what I needed to do. My belly was growing so much. Eventually I became so exhausted and weak. The doctors told me the baby was fine, his heartbeat sounded amazing. At my growth ultrasound the technician told us, he was advanced in size. I was 26 weeks but he measured as 28 week old. 

Two weeks later, when I turned 28 weeks, I woke up and felt terrible. I will never forget November 14,2021. I went to the emergency room because I didn’t feel him moving. I heard the awful words “I’m sorry, I don’t know how to tell you. There is no heartbeat.” The next day I was induced. I was in labour for 9 hours, and delivered my sleeping baby at 12:56am on November 16th. He was beautiful, he was already 17in long and weighed almost 3lbs. I’ll forever miss and love his little face. He was everything I wanted but couldn’t have.

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