Sisterhood of Angel Mama’s Magazine Issue 01 | February 2020

Stop Saying “Everything Happens For A Reason”

Written & Photo by Nichole Captoni

I’m going to begin by saying S.T.O.P telling moms that has lost a child or has had a miscarriage. “ EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON” I will never believe that my sweet boy Nicolas had to die in order for his brother to be born. I will never support the notion that some babies are ‘ meant to die’, or that some people have to go through tragedy in order to get triumph. I don’t think Nicolas had to die for us to be blessed with Diego. 21 weeks with Nicolas was as unique and beautiful as it was for my other sons. I got to feel Nicolas kicks.

He was my baby boy. He would of been 11 months today. YES! I’m so happy and still overwhelmed that I finally got to be a mother for the 3rd time.

But it still hurts. I still cry my Nicolas. Having a rainbow baby doesn’t cure a mother’s heart. So not everything happens for a reason.

I’m a mother of 3 boys.

Sisterhood of Angel Mama’s Magazine