Sisterhood of Angel Mama’s Magazine | Issue 03

The Rainbow After The Storm

Written and Photo by Jasmine Mason

In 2016, I experienced my first miscarriage due to a blighted ovum a month after I found out I was pregnant. December 2017, I found out I was expecting again. I was extremely nervous. I found out through a blood test that I was expecting a girl & she was due September 5, 2018. During my OB care, it was discovered that I had a cyst on my right ovary & bleeding behind my placenta. I was placed on bedrest due to the bleeding being consistent during my pregnancy. Two weeks later, I miscarried my baby girl. I didn’t think I could get pregnant again so as I started testing for IVF treatment in October 2020 with Shady Grove Fertility Center, it was discovered I was pregnant again in November 2020. I went for my first OB checkup, my baby’s heartbeat was discovered. I was nervous throughout my entire pregnancy due to feeling as if I would lose him. In July 2021, I delivered my baby boy.

Sisterhood of Angel Mama’s Magazine