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A Praying Mommy, I’m Waiting

Photo & Written by Tiffany Lewis – English

Grace of Hannah

On July 17,2017 My life changed in way that I never possibly imagined. It was four months before my wedding “The English Project” & I was diagnosed with endometriosis & Infertility.

Endometriosis is where the normal tissues that lines the inside of your uterus, is found growing on the outside, causing scar tissue to form on the ovaries, Fallopian tubes & uterus. It was threw an intense & invasive procedure that this was discovered. I was told that I had stage 4 endometriosis & that I needed to seek further treatment from a infertility specialist, if I thought I wanted to build a family. My OBGYN assured me that if having children wasn’t apart of my plan, a total hysterectomy would be the move. That wasn’t what myself or my husband visioned for our lives. I had 2 surgeries in 2017. It was overwhelming and unbearable, collectively my the fiancé & I decided that we would hold off until after the wedding.

In January 2018 we began treatments with a fertility Doctor & the more appointments I attended, the more hurt I became. I trusted God but I needed to understand WHY? I had gotten married & was ready to start a family & I couldn’t. I remember sitting in different support groups feeling completely out of place. I was sitting with groups of individuals who didn’t know what this journey meant to me. A round of IVF (in vitro fertilization) was anywhere from $13,000-$20,000 & we didn’t have that. The people who joined us in this group didn’t have that same issue. They had it, had spent it & was ready for a second round. That made me feel defeated. I couldn’t relate to them & they couldn’t relate to me.

I made up in my mind that I would stop attending these “Support Groups”!!

There was no support for someone like myself & Husband.

I started to pray even harder asking God “What are you teaching us”? “What are you trying to get through us”? I received a text message from a friend & it read “Hey girl, you are the modern day Hannah” I was confused but said “Oh hey… ok girl” a few hours later I walked into my grandfather church & he was preaching about Hannah & my aunt yells to me “Hey Hannah”. I went home that night & I researched Hannah from the Bible & read the scripture. I smiled closed my Bible & went to bed. A few nights later at 4am God woke me up with the vision.

“You shall create what it is that you were looking for during this journey. You will create a support group for people like YOU…. The same Grace that I gave Hannah I shall give to you & the families connected to you” !

March 2018, I became the Founder of “Grace of Hannah (IN)Fertility support group” And August 2020 The CEO & Founder of Hannahs Heart Fertility LLC

Many families deal with (IN)Fertility. To be exact 1 in 8 couples. Hannahs heart fertility LLC is an safe haven for men and women to come and seek holistic care. There is a trained Holistic fertility Doula who will encourage families with healthy lifestyle changes that will assist or aide in getting pregnant naturally.

As we do not guarantee pregnancy, we do not diagnose or give a prognosis, however we do educate on different steps to assisting with pregnancy.

We offer 3 month segments to help prepare your body for motherhood. In the event that that pregnancy does not happen, Grace of Hannah steps in and assist with locating the proper fertility specialist for you.

Our main objective is to help in a holistic, healthy, Spiritual and financial way.

I have formed a number of platforms to help educate on the importance of healthy living & preparing our bodies for what we are praying for. I published my first Journal “SpeakLife 31 Day affirmation Journal for women dealing with infertility & Infant loss” July 2019 because I am a firm believer that “What we speak out of our Mouth shall come to pass”…

I am on a journey to help HeAl(HeR)

You can follow us on fb @The grace of Hannah (IN)Fertility Support Group

IG: Hannahsheart_infertility

Our office is Located

550 Latona Rd suite 413D


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