Sisterhood Of Angel Mama’s Magazine | Bereaved Mother’s day Edition May 2023

D’niyah is Love

Written & Photo By Merica Clark

September 6, 2022 was a day I never thought I would experience in life, having to choose a funeral home for your child to be taken to and making arrangements. At 3:45 A.M., my life changed as my sweet daughter entered the world but also entered into heaven. Her name was D’niyah Armani Clark. Throughout my grief process, I looked at her name many was and what it stood for Armani is a gender-neutral name of Italian origin. Meaning “child of Armano” or “warrior,” Every child should be celebrated no matter how they enter the world. Her love call will always be remembered because God makes no mistakes and he needed her for a special assignment & she will return!

Sisterhood of Angel mama’s Magazine