Sisterhood of Angel Mama’s Magazine | Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Edition October 2022

Honoring Baby Bash By Helping Parents Like Us

Written & Photos by Autumn Cohen

Bastion Porter Cohen was stillborn March 25, 2020. His big sister was 2 years old at the time. I had just had a healthy 37 week check up. Everything was fine, until it wasn’t & he died a few days later with no real known cause except speculations that his cord was wrapped too tightly around his neck.

With the pandemic approaching, I thought my newborn would bring me comfort during hard times. Now, I’m triggered by others mentioning their “covid baby”. I spent the first year of the pandemic grieving with my husband & daughter. We didn’t allow family come see us, afraid of the unknown. Our memorial for him had to be virtual. But maybe that was a blessing; so many people watched and that’s really special.

A big coping mechanism for my husband & I was to start a nonprofit. Anything to keep us busy. We desperately needed to fill the void. Nothing can truly help, but we found something that brings a bit of happy to others & that makes us happy. Still Loved was created to continue Bash’s legacy. I send out birthday cards to babies gone-to-soon. I want parents like me to know their babies aren’t forgotten. They are, in fact, celebrated.

My newest project will be a resource for bereaved parents! The book is called In Memory Of You. It is a baby memorial journal designed like a traditional baby book, but with added journaling prompts to grieve & help parents find their new “normal”. Omitting milestones for babies who get to grow up. I have all the best hopes that this will help bereaved parents through their darkest

days. It will keep the memory of their baby alive forever & always.

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