Sisterhood of Angel Mama’s Magazine | Bereaved Parents Awareness Edition July 2022

I Never Thought It Would Happen To Me

Written & Photos by Elyssa Rodriguez

On January 27th I had started bleeding and was admitted to the hospital for the duration of my pregnancy. I was 22-6 weeks and they had told me that I had an Incompetent Cervix and my water had not broken at all. I was on bed rest and had developed a high leak at 25 weeks, I kept telling the nurse that I was leaking and she said I was just peeing so they did an ultrasound and I was right, I had lost 5.6ml of fluid around my son and I had 6.5ml left. 

They came in and wanted to check my cervix, we had not done a cervical check since I had been admitted and I had a gut feeling to refuse it but after the check I went into labor and was in excruciating pain and I told the nurse multiple times but she kept telling me I wasn’t in labor and well I wasn’t sure because I never had a baby before and again I was right my son had no fluid around him and turns out they had never called the doctor until it was too late and my son was coming into the world at 25-1 weeks. 

My son looked perfect, he even cried a little and he had developed two brain bleeds and an infection from me that I was never told I had. Also, he developed a hole in his tummy that I believe was the hospital’s fault. I never knew I could have a baby, I tried and tried for years and nothing and years later my miracle came only to have to go back to heaven. Roman Xavier is now my guardian angel, mommy’s one true love .

Sisterhood of Angel Mama’s Magazine