Sisterhood Of Angel Mama’s Magazine | Bereaved Mother’s Day Edition May 2023

Losing Chesney Blayke

Written & Photo by Breanna Duty

February 28, 2021 we found out that we were pregnant with our second baby girl. We had actively tried for this baby for 5 years. Everything about this pregnancy was perfect until we went for the 20 week anatomy scan. There my primary OB quickly noticed there were several issues. This baby didn’t appear to have legs or possibly arms. He sent me to a specialist and our world quickly turned upside down.

The specialist discovered that my Chesney was very sick. My poor baby girl had several abnormalities that were working against her survival. From here I was given the choice to terminate or to continue my pregnancy (because I was in no danger and she was thriving within me).

As a family we decided that we would continue the pregnancy. I was able to carry her and just love her until September 26, 2021. I went into labor and had her 4 hours later. She survived for 37 minutes outside of my womb.

I miss her everyday and I long for her still. I still don’t know how our family has survived this, but together we have made it through.

The days are long and hard, but if you can just get up… you will be okay.

Sisterhood Of Angel Mama’s Magazine