Sisterhood of Angel Mama’s Magazine | Issue 03

This Is My Story

Written and Photo by Mellissa Ledbetter

I wanted to put my story out there. I’ve always knew I was meant to be a mother. I’ve been that friend who made sure everyone was ok and had things they needed, even as a young pup. I got diagnosed with PCOS and was told for 15+ years that I’d never be able to have children on my own. Well fast forward to this past year when I went to the doctor for a pap smear, I found out I was pregnant. I was already 16.5 weeks along with my precious son when they did an ultrasound! 16.5 weeks!! I hadn’t had any symptoms of pregnancy the whole time. It was a perfect dream the entire time until that dreadful day.

My Gyno had rescheduled my anatomy appointment due to family issues a couple times. On November 26, 2021, I woke up like normal, drank cup of coffee and got ready for the day, just like any other day. About an hour later, I started having nausea/vomiting  and diarrhea. I couldn’t even keep water down and then the contractions started STRONG. I called my ob and the nurse suggested it was dehydration from stomach flu based off my symptoms but I knew something else was going on. I was having the worst pelvic pain that I’ve ever felt so I went to the ER for fluids since I knew I would need them if I couldn’t get anything to stay down. By the time I got to hospital, the pain (contractions) hadn’t gotten better. I get checked in and received an ultrasound with labs. They said everything was fine with my baby and that they are just waiting on my labs to come back. Within the hour of being at hospital and 10 minutes being hooked to IV fluids, I felt what seemed like bubble coming out of me. I got on my hands and knees and my water broke. The nurse came in to clean me up and the doctor called up to the OB floor. Less than 5 min later, I delivered my beautiful son. Unfortunately he was too early and was not breathing. I had been taken up to labor and delivery with my son and I was allowed to spend as much time with him as I wanted. I didn’t want to ever leave! I was supposed to be taking my baby home after birth not planning his burial and cremation plans!