Nakia Cole’s Story

Louis Edward Coleman Jr “Lucky Lou” 07/07/2007 4:04am – 7:15am. On 07/06/2007 it was a normal day at my grandmother’s house. I started having sharp pains in my abdomen which lasted for about 3 hours on and off. My granny said if you weren’t so fine I would swear you were having contractions. I said no I just got off my cycle. In the midst of me walking from the kitchen to the living room for water a sharp pain hit and I could not move. I literally was standing there stuck screaming and couldn’t stand up straight. My granny called 911. Upon their arrival she told them of the pain I had been in. They asked was I pregnant I said no. Once in the back of the ambulance they asked again thinking I was in fear to confess in front of my grandmother. I told them, “No, I just had a cycle”. When I arrived to the ER the doctors asked for a urine sample and started IV for pain. By this time the pains had increased and I was screaming and crying uncontrollably.  They came back in the room and stated that I was pregnant. By this time my mother had arrived from work. I told them no run another test. They did same result. I then asked for them to drop my blood and run the test. They did and sure enough same results. They asked how far long I could be I told them I didn’t know since I had been having cycles monthly. They took me down to do a vaginal sonogram. Where I was informed I was 21 weeks pregnant and in active labor. They started medicine in my IV to try to stop my labor after 10hrs they labor was still going. They informed me that they were going to have to stop the medication and I was going to have to have the baby and there was a 90% chance it will not make it. Nervous, in shock, and crying my eyes out how can you tell me I’m pregnant, in labor, and my baby won’t make it. They gave me some more pain meds since I refused epidural. Hours passed and I had to pee. They brung me a bed pan and said they will start catheter and left out to get it. After I went to the restroom I laid down for 5 mins and I was like I need to go again, but my water broke. After 3 pushes I pushed out a 1.5lb baby boy. He didn’t cry or anything. He couldn’t open his eyes. His ears weren’t fully developed. For the 1st hour I did not want to see or hold him. I was in shock. I did not want to get attached knowing that he will soon be leaving me. The doctor came in and said what you want to do. It we take him to the NICU at this point he is 98% likely going to be in a veggie state his entire life. He was breathing so hard and looked so peaceful. I couldn’t be selfish and allow myself to take him through the pain that he might endure. So we enjoy the time we had with him. I finally held him he was so light and small. I just cried the whole time. They gave us preemie clothes to put on him which were still too big. I dressed him up, wrapped him in a blanket, and we watched cartoons.  At 7:15am he took heis last heavy breath in my arms. At that moment I felt life leave from Me. I told my mother and grandmother he’s gone. They called the doctors in they pronounced his death and let him stay with me until I was ready to release him. It was so hard. How could I fall in love with someone within 3hr and 11mins? The most pure form of Love My first born child had to leave Me.  
His arrangements: COLEMAN JR.,, LOUIS EDWARD Viewing – Wed., July 11, 2 – 9 pm @ Golden Gate – 4155 S.R.L. Thornton @ Ann Arbor. Graveside service – Thurs., July 12, 11 am at Lincoln Cemetery – 8100 Fireside Dr., Dallas, Texas. Share tributes

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