Kaden’s Story

Finding out I was pregnant, was a surprise for sure! I had a 2 yr.old boy at the time as well. Both my pregnancies were rough on me, I was very high risk. But in the end, I had beautiful baby boys, so totally worth it!

Kaden Jackson Brumbalow was born on May 21st 2004 at 10:06 that morning weighing 7 lbs 6 ozs. He was the biggest I had. Completely healthy and strong and lord knows a voice to prove it! They kept me busy for 3 mos. 3 mos and 13 days the day that changed my life, I’ll never forget! I went to work that morning and as I left I kissed his 2 fingers and touched his chubby cheek goodbye, because I didn’t wanna wake him. Oh how I wish I’d have known.

Work was great! It was a good day, with lots of laughs. Until policemen came in. They walked to the back and had the manager come get me to go to the back too. I feared someone in my family was hurt or something! Not my baby! They told me to sit down, and said they had come to get me because my son had passed. In my head they were wrong! They had the wrong person! Or so I hoped.

They lead me to their car, and I remember my purse jingling with change because I was shaking sooo bad! I remember that noise. That poor cop that took me home never raised his voice at me or anything even though I was screaming at him to hurry!!! A mom can make anything bad go away right? That’s what I was thinking anyways.

I still doubted they had the right person, until, they pulled up at my apt. And i saw all the cops and medics and such there. That’s when I broke! I broke in a way that can’t and won’t ever be fixed! I met his daddy at the door, and he grabbed me and hugged me, and just held me up basically. I called MY MOM, so she could get there. I don’t remember that phone call either. The cops then took us to the couch and asked if I would like to see him. OF COURSE I DID! I had too!

A faceless man came carrying out a tiny sheet in his arms.  Was that him?! Was that all that was left of my heart?! Yes. He bent down and uncovered his little head. The veins and the blue of his cheeks are forever burned into my mind. I got to reach up and kiss him. Then the faceless man hurried him outside, because I couldn’t touch him anymore, for evidence reasons. The next morning i was awoke to the phone call that told me it was S.I.D.S.. Something I never thought would happen to me!

 I have since spoke at schools to pregnant girls on risk factors. I’ve done the walls, groups, candle lighting, counseling etc. To always try and get the word out. This IS VERY REAL and needs to stop!  

If you want to hear more about Kaden’s Story click on the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcZZLc-Z9Xs


  1. Our perfect family is broken….a part is missing.. none of us ever thought this could happen…our hearts can ever forget you darling… ill always remember the day before it was the last day i saw you, when i kissed you four times on your little forhead and told you “You Grandma loves you so much.”and i have those sweet kisses to remember of you…..

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