How do you cope with loss?

*Transformation Tuesday*

I have been getting asked a lot how did I cope with the loss of my 2nd son Cameron?

During my pregnancy I was alone, going to every doctor appointments alone hearing the doctor tell me my son wasn’t going to make it and turning to my left and right and there was no one by my side to just hold me and listen to me cry. I gave birth to my son alone and after I was discharged from the hospital no one really came to visit me but my family. I felt alone so I started eating unhealthy food and snacks all day because that’s what made me feel a little better. I started to notice I was gaining lots of weight by looking at pictures of myself and that’s when I told myself “Quila, you have to do better, You’re letting depression eat you alive.” So I went and got a membership at Fitness Connection and started eating healthy and working out 5 days a week and 3 weeks into my diet I started seeing results and got excited so I continued to eat healthy and working out. I started enjoying working out even though some days I was extremely tired but running on the treadmill for 20 to 30 minutes straight was a stress reliever. That depression and anger was put into my work outs and guess what I got positive results. As of now I have lost over 50 pounds and I look and feel better. Now I still have days when I just cry and wants to be left alone but that’s all apart of grief it’s everlasting. But I’m telling y’all this when you cope in a positive way, you will feel better. I know my sons wants to see me happy again especially for their big sister Aaliyah. I know the Lord is taking good care of my babies. As much as I want my babies here with me and tell them about the Lord. They are with the Lord and He is telling them all about me. I’m able to wake up every morning because my sons are forever with me and protecting me. We all cope differently but we can all cope in a positive way. Stay positive!

Also, I want y’all to know it’s perfectly okay to be down but don’t stay down for long because you have to tell the world you have a baby in Heaven and that you’re a proud angel mom.👼🏽👼🏽💙💙

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