Gregory Johnson’s Jr Story

Hi! My name Erica Johnson. I loss my son Gregory Johnson Jr. Oct 13, 2011. I was at work and started having pain. I didn’t know what was going on so I texted my cousin and told her that I was having pain. She asked me what kind of pain and I told her I was having pain every 5 minutes. She said, “Erica I think you are in Labor”. I said, “No I can’t be because I’m only 19 weeks pregnant”.

The pain gotten worse so I told my friend that I carpool and I needed to go to the hospital and she said ok and called my parents. While my friend was on the phone with my parents my water broke. My husband worked an hour away so my parents called him and told him to meet us at the hospital. My friend met up with my parents and my father drove me to the hospital as fast as he could.

When we got to the hospital I went to the bathroom to change clothes and blood was everywhere. The doctor checked me and my son was already in the birth canal. My husband made it to the hospital and I gave birth to my son. He lived for an hour.

After I loss my son I became a person that I did not like. I stop going to church and didn’t go around my family for a long time. My husband and family told me that I need to get help but I didn’t listen to them. I was angry, hurt and confused. I couldn’t understand why this happen to me. For two years I closed myself off from the outside world, my husband and my family. My husband begged me to try again. I told him NO I wasn’t going to go through that pain again. My parents and siblings begged me to try again as well but I told them NO and to leave me alone.

One day my husband told me he couldn’t live like this anymore and that he wanted children and that I wasn’t the only woman that loss a baby. He told me he was hurting too but he wanted to be a father on earth not just in heaven. So we decided to try again. I went and got series of tests done and found out that I have a blood clotting disorder called Antiphospholipid Syndrome. So my doctor started me on baby aspirin and heparin. I lost 50 pounds and started acupuncture to help with my anxiety.

In August 2013 I got pregnant with my daughter Giuliana. I had to take baby aspirin, heparin shots and p 17 shots twice a day throughout my pregnancy.  I started the p 17 shots at 25 weeks up until I was 35 weeks pregnant. I had a doctors appointment every week until later on in my pregnancy I started going twice a week. I did Acupuncture up until my doctor put me on bedrest at 6 months. I was a nervous my entire pregnancy and prayed every night that I wouldn’t loss my daughter. My daughter was born at 36 weeks on April 26, 2014. She save me from a life full of pain. I thank God every day for her. Also, I have another daughter name Gianna and I had to do the same exact medical treatment I did with my first daughter. I was told by my doctor that it’s best for me not to have anymore babies.

I think about my son everyday. I miss him dearly. I hope my story can help someone that is going through what I went through. Please don’t give up on your Dreams.

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