I’m a Survivor

I was raped when I was 14 years old, never told my parents because I thought that they would never believe me. I soon realized that I am pregnant, but was too scared to tell anyone. My parents finally realized it and forced me to go for an abortion. The doctor said that it was too late to have an abortion. Shortly after my 15th birthday I gave birth to a girl. My mom said that adoption was the only way to go. After 2 months I was so depressed and had so much feelings of guilt that I couldn’t take it anymore. I got my baby girl back and raised her while finishing school. Nobody knew about it for years since my parents felt ashamed of it and said that we simply adopted a child. I can finally feel those close to me. I am currently studying and almost have my degree. I realized that I am 12 weeks pregnant. I was extremely excited and I told my friends. Finally being able to brag about it and experience all of the excitement without shame. I went for my first sonogram and I have never been this excited. The doctor was sadly extremely insensitive and simply said that I am experiencing a miscarriage. I was still tested positive, but the baby was dead. I am currently waiting for my dead baby to exit naturally or I have to go for an abortion. My heart is broken with absolutely no support.

Dear Survivor,

What happened to you wasn’t your fault and you didn’t deserve it. Taking your daughter back and raising her I commend you. You’re a great mother. You’re a survivor! Not only you just helped other mothers who have experienced a miscarriage but you have helped other sexual assault survivors. You’re not alone. I’m here for you always.  I’m so sorry for your loss and I’m praying for you and your family. Stay Strong!

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