My Baby Boy PJ

I’m Natasha, this is my beautiful son PJ. On February 22, 2020, I was blessed with my baby boy PJ. July 25,2020 around 8pm, my son started crying and it wasn’t a normal cry. I gathered everyone together and we called the ambulance. While waiting for the paramedics, I felt I needed to hold my son and he was in so much pain. “What’s wrong with son?”, I said. He was not sick because he was playing all day. As I was holding him, he grabbed the top of my shirt because he wanted me to help him. I started to notice that he had difficulty breathing and he closed his beautiful eyes. Everyone was looking at me with joy, they didn’t have the courage to tell me my son was gone. An elderly woman told me to cover my son because he cried a lot and is tired. 

The ambulance was taking too long, so I took a taxi to the hospital. When I arrived to the hospital, the nurse took him to the ER room and told me to wait in the lobby. While waiting I saw four doctors going into the room where my son was being treated. I finally got called into the room and was told “We’re Sorry, when you arrived, your son was already gone, doctors said. I couldn’t believe it! “ My baby was playing the whole day, he was not sick, how dare you say that he is no more”, I said. I asked them if I can hold him, while holding my baby, I begged him to wake up because I just knew he was sleeping or pranking me. I held him for 6 hours and around 3am, his tiny feet was cold and the undertakers came in to took him to the mortuary. As we walk into the mortuary it was cold and at that moment I knew my PJ was gone. It broke my heart into pieces to have to leave him there. 

I watched him take his last breath and couldn’t help him. Apart of me died that day. 💔💔

Happy Birthday Baby PJ! 🥳 👼🏽💙

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