2019 North Texas Walk for PKD

My sons passed away from ARPKD. ARPKD is an genetic condition, which means it’s passed on to a child from their parents and is caused by a DNA mutation (abnormality) in a gene called PKHD1, which produces a protein called fibrocystin that gives the kidney structure.

After finding out my sons had ARPKD I researched and stumbled across the PKD Foundation. I knew immediately I wanted to be apart of this foundation to not only help find better treatments and a cure but to help other families who lost a baby to ARPKD. I don’t want another family to feel alone because they’re not.

Today was my second year at the 2019 North Texas Walk for PKD and I had a great time being a volunteer at the PKD tent educating people on ARPKD and sharing my story. Also, educating myself on ADPKD, listening to other people’s stories, balloon release for my sons and others who lost their lives to PKD and walking for cure. Big thank you to my Team(Walk for Cameron & Eric Jr) for the support and the PKD Foundation-North Texas Chapter for welcoming me and honoring my sons.